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Our Purpose

– To propagate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ across the globe.

– To promote the revival of apostolic signs, wonders and miracles as of old.

– To win a rich harvest of souls for Christ through aggressive crusades and other evangelistic outreaches.

– To train believers in the “acts of the apostles,” building and equipping them in the art of spiritual warfare.

– To catch the youth for Christ and teach them of Christ to be world changers.

– To give succour to the less-privileged, widows, orphans and the aged through the establishment of maternity homes, hospitals, hospices and care-giving facilities.

– To enforce the name of Jesus globally for land redemption.

God’s Mandate

– For the Lord has chosen CLAM, he has desired it for his habitation.
– CLAM is his rest for ever; here will God dwell; for He has desired it.
– God will abundantly bless her provision. He will satisfy her congregation with bread.
– God will clothe all CLAM Priests with salvation and her saints shall shout aloud for Joy.
– God will make the Horn of Pastor Wole Oladiyun to bud for He had ordained a lamp for him as his anointed.
– All our enemies will God clothe with shame but upon CLAM and the entire congregation shall God’s crown FLOURISH in Jesus name.

Wole Oladiyun
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