Divine Intervention

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Beloved, this message is specially packaged for you so that you can testify to the goodness of God.  Many people are wondering why things are not working according to their expectation despite all efforts put in.  Ps 6 v 2 “Have mercy upon me O! Lord, for I am weak: O Lord, heal me; for my bones are vexed is the cry of many people now.  There are things that can never yield results unless God intervenes by His Mercy.

When every form of prayers fails, the prayer of Mercy can never fail because our God is a compassionate father. Some people have been caged in the prison of hopelessness and marginal manipulation, some are experiencing re-occuring non-achievement and chronic failure at the very edge of breakthrough. Some people are just tired of everything because of unexplainable standstill and inability to harvest from their labour. Frequent disappointment and unfulfilled promises are very rampant these days. I have good news for you. God of suddenly will intervene and show you mercies in the name of Jesus.

Kindly go through this message and the scriptures, and pray the prayers for 7 days and nights. You shall be divinely visited with mighty results in the name of Jesus. The Lord will surely intervene in that matter in Jesus name.

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